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  • You pay a fixed price nevertheless the number of findings
  • Any new updates (up to 200 nSLOC) will be reviewed for free
  • Chat consultation about architecture design choices

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  • You only pay a base fee and only pay additional if we find Crit/High/Medium findings
  • Any new updates (up to 100 nSLOC) will be reviewed for free
  • Help with any security related questions which will make the protocol safer

🚀 Github Profile & Reports

Most of our comprehensive audit reports are available on our Github profile. Clients can gain insights into our auditing process and the depth of our assessments.

🔍 About Us

At CDSecurity, we are a team of experienced auditors committed to delivering top-notch security reviews for Web3 protocols. With a proven track record of over 35 private audits and satisfied clients, we strive to ensure the utmost safety and reliability of blockchain projects.


🛡️ Our Expertise

Our extensive experience covers a diverse range of protocols, including Zero-knowledge, oracles, VRF, DeFi, NFT projects, and more. We take pride in our ability to identify and address vulnerabilities effectively, providing robust solutions for secure smart contracts. Our audited projects have benefited from our keen eye for detail, as we have discovered over 200 High and Medium vulnerabilities during our private audits.